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The Entrepreneurial Story in many easy pieces:

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

A little note co-authored with Prof Venkat Chandrasekar that was published in the Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) Journal in 2002 about the starting up of Strand by the four founders (pictures below) who were academic entrepreneurs.

Ramesh, Chandru, Manohar, Vinay 2015 Vinay, Manohar, Chandru, Ramesh 2002

This is an inside and personal account of the Simputer project written by one of the founders of the project, an academic and a technologist turned entrepreneur. The Simputer was listed among the Ten Breakthroughs that made India proud by India’s leading science correspondent.

Strand stays close to its knitting for a decade as an exquisite tools maker for research biologists everywhere. In September 2012, on a request from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in India, I authored this essay that describes the bioinformatics epoch of Strand.

The description of the deliberate change in direction by Strand in 2011 narrated as a journey that is work-in-progress. The Pivot is a move from being a narrow technology provider to a fully vertically integrated health diagnostics company in 2018.

-Vijay Chandru, FounderDirector

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